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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:13pm EST

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isn't the way it really is. i should have worn a plaid shirt here tonight but in the tv business, this is what we have to do. i saw a lot of americans today who don't have a job. a lot of them here did have a job. a lot of them are in their 20s and in their 30s and haven't seen a doctor for years. i ran into a lady today who is in her 50s. she was an executive for a company for 16 years. she was making over $100,000 a year. she can't believe that she's even in this position in her life and has a lump in her neck and has lost 40 pounds over the last month and she heard about this free clinic on keith olbermann's countdown show on msnbc. so she thought she'd come to the hartford convention center here today and see a doctor. i'll have a nurse here with me
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in just a moment that will tell me that it was a life-saving experience for that lady. you can't come to these free health cline nicks would have being moved. and i don't know what they are doing in washington. i don't know what they are doing in the house and the senate. there's this proposal and bill and committee here and there. but i know what is happeningç here. but there aren't any house members here and senate members here. and i can tell you one piece of information here in the state of connecticut where the house and the senate passed universal health care for every citizen in connecticut and the governor vetoed it. the public option in this state overwhelmingly pulls way. but in washington, joe lieberman, not only is he not here tonight, but he's against the public option in the private sector. so as a broadcaster, i'm confused. i don't understand the disconnect.
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but i did understand that lady today when she looked at me in the eye and said, i just want to thank you and msnbc for being here. because if i didn't get this lump in my neck checked out, i don't know what would have happened. now, americans, we can give all of the analysis in the world about what happened in massachusetts ilt tell you what is happening, washington better get it. i don't care if you're republican or democratic. if you don't do and insurance premiums go through the roof who have got a pre-existing condition and can't see a doctor because they can't get coverage. if you don't fix that, washington, all of you will be
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gone but we have a supreme court ruling that says you can give money to the very people that game in this hall today. i don't need a script to tell you the truth. i saw it. and there's no politician here with ed and team from msnbc seeing it. oh, they hear, 47 million don't have insurance and we've got to fix this and fix that. get down here with the folks who are standing in line to see a doctor. talk to the professionals in the medical profession who say, just a simple checkup could save hundreds of millions of dollars if we just have free clinics to help people so they can get some quick diagnosis. it almost makes you ashamed to say, hey, america is a great place. we offer great opportunities. but somewhere along the line we
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have missed it totally whenç i comes to health care for all americans. we asked the other side, what is it that you want. what is it that you want from these working men and women? what is it? why do you have such a disdain for the working people of america? how many more billions of dollars do you want? where is the line going to be drawn? but, you see, we're in the age of apology. we're in the age, if we say something that someone doesn't like, we have to run to a microphone and apologize. who's apologizing for the condition of these americans? a doctor running this clinic told me, ed, you know, a lot of americans, they swallow their pride to come in here and do
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this. it's hard for them. they have worked all their life and now their in a middle age crisis and they've been out of work for 16 months and they don't want unemployment benefits. they want a job. and they don't have health care. and it doesn't just affect the dad and the mom. it's the kids. it's the kids who get harassed at school because, ha-ha, your dad don't have a job. you don't have health care? we have health care. we have two americans. now, i'm sure i've got to take a commercial break in a few minutes and we've got to interview people. i could go on for hours on this. and i could look joe lieberman in the eye and senator, if i say this tonight and it costs me my job, i don't care. you are a coward. you are a coward, joe lieberman, that you don't stand up for the people in this state and represent them and give them
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what they want. so now we're in the age of communicating in washington. and this guy named obama who won nine bush states and has been fighting obstructionist for his first year, he does this thing, he goes over and he talks to the republicans last friday. and here's what the president told the senate democrats today in front of the cameras about health care. >> so many of us looked people in the eye who had been denied because of a pre-existing condition. or just didn't haveç health insurance at all. or small business owners in our communities who told us that their premiums have gone up 25% or 30% and we said, we were going to change them. well, here we are. with a chance to change them. so as we think about moving forward, i hope we don't lose sight of why we're here.
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we've got to finish the job on health care. >> we have to finish the job on health care but what's the price? president obama, keep pushing, my man. keep pushing. these people out here, they are with you. they are with you. folks, get your cell phones out tonight. i want to ask you a simple question. respond to our text survey tonight. do you think washington politicians really understand how bad health care is in this country? do you think they understand how bad the health care crisis is? that's the question. it will be on the screen in the show. text a for yes and b for no. i'll bring you the results later on in the show. many of us in the media, we have insurance. you have to get out and talk to the people. and you have to get the real stories of america. and i'm proud that our crew and i'm proud that this network
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allowed me to come here today after being down in kansas city and i'm proud to be associated with keith olbermann who had the courage to stand out on the air and ask for donations from americans who donated to these free clinics to make it happen. and i report to you that one life was saved today and that should be important. and i don't -- i don't know where the one-yard line is on health care. i don't know where the five-yard line is. all of these analogies. i know where washington is and i know what the hell they are not doing. joining me now is nicole, the director of the national -- the national director of the association of free events and patricia carol is a registered nurse treating patients here today. >> hi, my friend. >> your eyes are wet. >> of course they are. >> your eyes were wet in kansas
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city when i saw you. it's the same story, isn't it? >> it's the same story. we saw this in houston. 1,000 people call in advance to come to one of these free c'%m9ñ it doesn't matter if you're in houston or kansas city or the gold coast. they are still people. they are not a number. they are not a pill. they are not a static. they are people. and while congress and the president and everyone else is discussing how we're going to make this program work, these people need an answer now. and we do need members of congress to come and see what's going on. and we invite them over and over and over again. come and see. see what these people are going through. and if you have to look at it this way, see what your constituents are going through and see what the votes are going through and come to one of these clinics. >> not too many politicians show up here, do they in.
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>> no, sir. they don't come. they don't talk to us on the hill. they don't come to these events. it doesn't matter if it's a democrat or a republican. they don't come. >> the washington politicians. >> the washington politicians do not come. >> patricia carol, you're a registered nurse. i think you know the lady that i was talking about today -- >> she was my patient. >> what happened? >> she was patient number two for us today because she called to make her appointment as soon as she heard the announcement on countdown. that's how badly she needed care. and she had some chronic health issues but she'd noticed that she had a swelling on the right side of her neck and she was concerned about it. and we were able to hook her up today to get a biopsy and to get her referred. but the problem is, should she need surgery, whose going to pay
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for it? we don't have surgeons and hospitals here that provide care for free for cancer patients. so now she's got another hurdle that she's got to get over if she needs treatment for a cancer. >> now, a lot of the folks that came through today could curb a big medical issue. is that a fair statement? >> that's a very fair statement. >> so many times it's just a bill, it's basic treatment that could really stop someone from having multiple medical issues down the road in a short period of time. >> i actually stopped counting the number of people who brought empty pill bottles from a year ago to say, this is what i was on but i can't afford it anymore. so we haveç pharmacists here today who have the lists of drugs that can be filled for $4
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a prescription or what pills can be cut in half and there's a practitioner i've been working with today who's been able to work with them to change their medications so that they can afford their care. you're both brave. we appreciate what you do. >> it's not brave, ed. >> it is. >> when i got my license, this is what i signed up for. >> but we all should be doing this. every single one of us should be doing this. >> joining me now is democratic congressman joe courtney and his wife who is a registered practitioner. she volunteered at this health care clinic today. congressman, good to have you with us here today. give us an update if you can of where the pulse of the politicians is when it comes to passing and getting the health care -- the president went over
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and talked to the senate democrats today and said, get this thing done. where are we at this hour, congressman? >> to be honest with you, i think we're at a pretty precarious moment. the issue is a life. there's definitely work being done on it. but i think this program puts the spotlight -- it's really about the people of this country and the people in hartford, connecticut today at the clinic. i want to salute you and audrey. what you have done is transform peopled lives, and people can take care of themselves and not rely on


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